Enjoy hand-picked Milos experiences

Boat Tour
Inspire your appetite for adventure at Costa Mare. Take a trip in the open water and escape the stress of life as you discover exotic spots and delve deep into the natural beauty of Milos.
Road Tour
Enjoy a comprehensive overview of the local culture and history on Milos Island. Visit an ancient theater, the catacombs, the archaeological museum, a dairy farm, and a winery. Admire picturesque views of the Aegean Sea and colorful fishing villages. Discover the hot spot beaches of Sarakiniko & Firopotamos and capture photos of a lifetime.

Discover Kimolos, a tiny jewel sparkling in the Aegean sun with all its authenticity and considerable charm. Visit Horio and walk under archways amongst white houses with gardens in full bloom, and rest in a traditional cafe whilst talking with the open-hearted locals. Explore the impressive beaches of Prasa, Mavrospilia, Gioupa & Aliki with turquoise waters and loose-grained sands.
Wine Tasting
Where better to indulge one’s love of wine than in Milos? Immerse yourself in the complete experience through a unique wine tasting journey. Visit the local cave winery to get acquainted with the island’s winemaking history and taste exceptional Cycladic aromas. The wine is stored in an underground labyrinth that provides the needed humidity and steady, cool temperature. Let us guide you through our winery and initiate you into our island’s traditional tastes.
In Villa Massage
Relax and revive from head to toe with the perfect mix of massage treatments. Experience the sound of waves gently lulling beneath, feel soft sea-breezes drift into your private villa and be invigorated by the scent of refreshing ocean mist whilst indulging in a massage treatment created exclusively for Costa Mare guests.
Taste of Milos
The island’s flavorful cuisine comes to life. We like to surprise our guests with balanced combinations of flavors, local ingredients, traditional recipes, and beautiful presentations. The villa is located within walking distance from three of the best restaurants in Milos.
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